Grigorii Zhgilev
Assistant director, producer, editing, 2D animation
I love to work on the film sets, editing and draw frame-by-frame 2D vfx.

I am open to any projects: face-to-face and remotely.
Showreel Shishka.Media 2021
TV commercial Orion Telecome
1st Assistant Director, executive producer
Showreel frame-by-frame 2D animation
Factory video Birusa
producer, director, editing, 2D motion
2D animation Tennisi bet
2D vfx
TV commercial Orion Telecome Domophone 2.0
1st Assistant Director, executive producer
Factory video Enisey
edit, 2D motion, 1st Assistant Director
2D trailer
Short film Dunya
After Effects
more than 4 years experience

2020 TURBO PARTICLES [+TRACKING] Course in After Effects
2D motion design in the Yenisei promo video
2D motion design in the Birusa promo video
2D motion design in the Jogger Street commercial
2d animation in the video of public services
2d animation in the trailer of the series
2d animation in the Stardust plugin
Premiere Pro
more than 5 years experience
DaVinci Resolve
more than 3 years experience

2019 Vitaly Buzhan's course The Art of Video color correction in Davinci Resolve
Color correction video about boats
Color correction of a video poem
Color correction of aerial video shooting
2 years experience

2021 Сourse of classical 2d animation
Frame-by-frame animation of rotation around the character
Frame-by-frame animation of a video exhibition
Frame-by-frame morphing animation

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